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Restaurant: Evening Starters


Rustic ciabatta Loaf – Half - £6.25 Full - £8.95 V    

Our rustic loaves are served straight from the oven, crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.  Choose from a half or full loaf then decide how you would like it…..Garlic coated  with garlic aioli or sprinkled with rosemary salt and served with oils for dipping. 


Mixed Olives, Gourmet Caper berries - £4.95 GA V

A tapas dish full of mixed olives topped with caper berries…these are the unopened buds of the caper bush, they have a sharp, piquant and salty taste.                          


Four letter word starts with an S ends with a P? - £6.95 

Lovingly made in our kitchens using the finest ingredients. Served with real butter and nice bread!


Popcorn chicken & `Giggling squid` - £9.25

Curly squid as it`s been `giggling` so much drenched in seasoned flour and fried, coupled with popcorn panko crumbed chicken, finished with chilli jam and aioli.


Sweet & Sticky Crispy Beef - £8.95 GA                      

Our beautiful beef is tossed in corn flour with a special blend of spices & seasoning, then plunged into hot oil to give it `super crispiness`.  Whilst hot we coat our beef in hoisin & plum sauce to give it a special sweet sticky coating. We serve it in a blanket of lettuce with a little pickled salad…. this has to be better than any take out!!!


Antipasto `Classico` - Single - £10.95   Sharing - £14.95 GA 

Assorted olives & caper berries, cured meats, creamy mozzarella, shaved parmesan, sun blush tomatoes & stuffed red peppers filled with feta. Our antipasto is finished with warmed rustic bread, olive oil with balsamic glaze, chilli oil with chilli jam.  


Antipasto `Veggico` - Single - £10.95 Sharing - £14.95 GA V

Assorted olives & caper berries, hummus two ways, creamy mozzarella, shaved parmesan, sun blush tomatoes & stuffed red peppers filled with feta.  Our antipasto is finished with warmed rustic bread, olive oil with balsamic glaze, chilli oil with chilli jam.  


Hummus Two Ways - £7.25 GA V Vegan

Our roasted beetroot & original hummus is super creamy with chickpeas, lemon juice, and garlic and finished with a hint of tahini. We finish our hummus with a generous sprinkling of toasted pumpkin seeds & olives. Our delicious hummus is served with raw vegetables and garlic flat bread making this an ideal starter for vegetarians & vegans alike!  


Old 'SKOOL' Prawn Cocktail​- £9.50 GA

A mountain of prawns served on a bed of crisp lettuce & smothered with a generous dollop of our special seafood sauce finished with tiger prawns


Restaurant: On the Side

​     Gluten Free Bread with Oils - £4.95 V               Proper Chips with Malden salt - £4.95 GA V

            Panko Crusted Onion Rings - £4.95 V                 Minted New Potatoes - £4.50 GA V

Flower Pot Salad with Dressing - £4.50 GA V                Seasonal Vegetables - £4.50 GA V

Pan Haggerty potatoes - £4.95 GA V


Steak Sauces: Choose from the following: £4.25

Classic Béarnaise GA V:   Peppercorn:  Shropshire Blue GA V



                                                Restaurant: Evening Main Meals


French Trimmed `Stuffed` Chicken with Chorizo & Mozzarella - £17.95 GA

The Smokey paprika flavour of chorizo pairs wonderfully with the melting mozzarella and chicken, our chicken dish is finished with the sweet & mild heat of a pimento sauce. Served with pan haggerty or Proper chips & garlicky fine beans.


Jacob`s Ladder with `Smash` - £21 GA

Slow braised Jacob`s ladder (otherwise known as short rib of beef). Braised until meltingly tender, with red wine and shallots. The liquor is reduced to produce its stunning flavour. Served on creamy `smash` and garnished with allotment veg.


Salt & Pepper Seafood with Dipping Sauces - £17.95

Salt & pepper seafood is a great dish. Crispy on the outside, soft inside with little spicy pieces of garlic & chilli. Served with proper chips and two dipping sauces to compliment your seafood * this dish does contain shellfish


Sticky Spiced Pork & Puffed Crackling - £19.95 GA

Succulent slow cooked belly pork served with seasonal greens. Topped with apple sauce, five spiced hickory & honey sauce and to finish this delicious dish off a generous topping of puffed crackling. Served with 'proper chips'. 

​8oz Fillet Steak - £28.95 GA

The most tender steak regarded by many as the premium cut. Your steak is cooked to your liking, however this steak enjoys less cooking. Our steak is served with either new potatoes, proper chips or pan haggerty & salad garnish.


Goats Cheese & Sun-blush tomato Risotto with Pine Kernels - £17.95 V GA

This creamy risotto is a must for vegetarians, the tart goat`s cheese works well with the tangy sun-blush tomatoes and the crunchy little pine kernels. Our risotto is finished with a parmesan crisp & salad garnish.


Chateau Briand for Two with Peppercorn Sauce – £76 GA 

Chateaubriand steak is the thick cut from the tenderloin filet. Your steak is cooked to your liking, however this steak is best not cooked further than medium. Served with peppercorn sauce, panko crusted onion rings & choose either new potatoes, proper chips or pan haggerty to complete this amazing experience.

Pan Fried Duck with a Port & Marmalade Sauce - £22.95 GA

Pan fried duck breast with crispy skin, cooked pink.  Served with Pan Haggerty potatoes & seasonal greens. Topped with a port & marmalade sauce……our twist on duck al orange!


Superfood `Crumbed Cauliflower Steak` Hot Salad - £17.95 GA V Vegan

`Crumbed cauliflower steak` served on a warm salad bed of `wok fried` crunchy green vegetables, pine nuts & goji berries.  Our superfood salad is served with a warm infusion of olive oil, chilli, garlic and herbs. Served with proper chips or new potatoes.


Restaurant: Desserts

Gardener`s Cheesecake - £8.50

Creamy chocolate cheesecake.  Finished with an Oreo cookie crumb. Served in a flower pot with a little `seedling` and warmed chocolate sauce to pour over just to make your chocolate experience more special.


Alice in Wonderland Teacup - £7.95

White chocolate panna cotta, served with a `very berry` coulis, Jammy dodger biscuits & dried rose petals a truly wonderland experience!


Passionate Lemon Tart - £7.95

Tate au citron with a sweet shortcrust pastry base & a creamy lemon filling. Served with passion fruit coulis and to finish....a passion fruit and mango sorbet to ensure that you do feel extremely passionate after eating this dessert!


Caramel Latte Ice cream with Chocolate filled Churros - £8.75                                  

Creamy caramel latte ice cream, served with hot toffee sauce. Served with two lightly fried chocolate filled churros to complete this amazing dessert!


Italian Chocolate Fudge Cake - £8.25

A moist Italian fudge cake filled with gooey chocolate, served warmed with vanilla pod ice cream……Only the true chocoholics’ may indulge!


Trio of `Mini Desserts` to Share - £12.95

If you can`t decide on one dessert then try a little of each; Lemon tart with passion fruit, Alice in wonderland panna cotta, Toffee apple crumble & Gardeners cheesecake with hot chocolate sauce…….delicious! 



Mini Cheese platter - £10.95 GA (ideal for sharing)

Shropshire Blue, Creamy Brie & Mature Cheddar make up our cheeseboard platter. Served with `bits & bobs` to go with a cheese platter. 

*Contains Nuts



We also have a selection of ice creams/sorbets for those wishing to have lighter dessert, your server will tell you what selection we have today.



ALLERGEN INFORMATION: For food allergies & intolerances please advise the person taking the order as they will be able to assist you our order. However, on the menu we have highlighted dishes with the following symbols:

GA a gluten free alternative is available, V is suitable for vegetarians, & Vegan is suitable for vegans.
Every effort is made to minimise the risk of cross contamination of ingredients; however, our suppliers & chefs do handle foods that contain gluten & nuts.

Please ensure that you let your server know at every point of ordering if you have an allergy or food intolerance.

Some food items may contain bones. We reserve the right at any time to offer a suitable alternative to any of the above dishes.

Evening menu

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